Take control of your energy with Brixton Energy Solar 2

This summer I happened to drive through Brandenburg, Germany. As you descend down from the forests and slate covered houses of Thüringen an amazing vista opens out before you. Fields of solar panels and wind turbines, graceful and benign, part of a nationwide infrastructure that supplies Germany on a good day with up to a third of its electrical needs. It’s not just that they get a little bit more sun, the government gets it.

With the big six energy companies controlling 99% of the electricity market and our government horse blinkered towards nuclear it is hard not to feel a little despondent upon returning home. Then a solution stares you in the face.

Brixton Energy solar 2 launched their share offer! A community owned solar power station for decentralised, democratically controlled, renewable energy in Brixton. The Repowering South London team have done it again and this time proved there is another way that will let us take control of our own energy, make it renewable and do so in a sustainable and replicable fashion!

To find out what it’s all about go to their website. This will be another 45kWp added to Brixton’s renewable energy generation capacity and they have already raised £7,250 of the amount. I have invested in Solar 1, will be investing in Solar 2 and you should too. You can even invest with Brixton Pounds!

If you have some in the bank, put a bit of it on the roof and feel, as you should, damn good about it.

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