Community Energy Efficiency Fund

In line with the aims of a co-operative organisation and social enterprise, the first Brixton Energy projects (Brixton Energy Solar 1, 2 & 3) have been structured so that a portion of the revenue generated through the project is set aside for a Community Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF).

What have we done so far with the CEEF?

Work experience: Brixton Energy Solar 1 Co-op provided Kevin Wilson of Nevil House a two-week work placement with Southern Solar on the renewable energy installation.
Home Energy Audits: Two home energy audits were conducted at Elmore House and Styles Gardens that included installation of energy saving measures such as energy efficient light bulbs and energy saving power down plugs.
Energy surveys: During the last eight months, the Brixton Energy team has conducted energy surveys on the estate that demonstrated that more than half of those residents spoken to were interested in information on saving money on energy bills and related project activities.
Energy Advice sessions: Six energy efficiency advice sessions were delivered at the Brixton Customer Centre on Brixton Hill. A total of 132 people were spoken
to, of which a significant number were spending more than 10% of their income on space heating and electricity.
Local leadership: Two members of the Brixton Energy management team are residents of the Loughborough estate and continue to be involved in the decision making and development of the projects.
Community events: The team delivered a series of events that included draught-proofing workshops, information on energy efficiency and advice on reducing costs on energy bills. These events were held at the Transition Town Brixton shared space events at the Loughborough Centre.

How will CEEF work?

The directors intend for this fund to be used to improve the energy efficiency of the housing stock in Loughborough Estate and Brixton as a whole. The use of the CEEF is determined by the members of the Co-operative and overseen by its directors. Initiatives will be developed with the local residents and community groups such as the Loughborough Tenants and Resident Association and by voting from the full Co-operative members. Projects will be delivered through association and co-production with local residents.

Please contact Jesse Scharf (jesse.scharf(at) if you woud like to know more about applying for funding from the CEEF.