Partners and supporters

Brixton Energy Solar 1 & 2 Co-operatives have been developed in partnership with the following organisations:

Transition Town Brixton
Transition Town Brixton (TTB) a community-based movement with a practical approach to preparing for a low-carbon future. For the last couple of years, TTB have been exploring ways of increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy in Brixton. Brixton Energy is aligned with the aims of the Transition movement.

The Brixton Pound
The Brixton Pound (B£) is money that sticks to Brixton. It’s designed to support Brixton businesses and encourage local trade and production. It’s a complementary currency, working alongside (not replacing) pounds sterling, for use by independent local shops and traders.

Lambeth Council
Lambeth Council strives to give people more involvement and control of the services they use and the places where they live by putting council resources in their hands. Brixton Energy Co-operative will see residents generating their own energy and reducing carbon emissions realising Lambeth Council’s ambition of moving towards a Cooperative Council.



We have received advice and support from the following organisations:

Simmons & Simmons
Simmons & Simmons
a worldclass international law firm, which provided free legal advice on this Share Offer document and the lease documents for use of Elmore House.