Brixton Energy Solar 3 – Roupell Park

Our third project, Brixton Energy Solar 3, was completed recently and saw the installation of 52kW of solar electric (photovoltaic) panels on the roofs of the Roupell Park Estate, Brixton.

Using the same community led approach, the solar panels for Brixton Energy Solar 3 were installed on four buildings within the Roupell Park Estate: Hyperion House, Fairview House, Warnham House and the Community Office..
Read more about the Roupell Park project.

Brixton Energy Solar 2 – Styles Gardens

Our second project, Brixton Energy Solar 2, will see the installation of 45kW of solar electric (photovoltaic) panels on the roofs of Styles Gardens, five of the housing blocks in the Loughborough Estate, Brixton.
The combined array will save approximately 16 tonnes of CO2 every year by displacing electricity generated by coal and gas power stations.We are raising funding through a community share offer, with an expected average annual return on investment of 3% and up to 50% tax relief under the Government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.
Read more about the Styles Gardens project.

Brixton Energy Solar 1 – Elmore House

In March we completed our first project: Brixton Energy Solar 1. The project has installed several hundred square metres of solar panels on the roof of Elmore House in the Loughborough Estatein Brixton. The solar panels started generating power on the 30th of March 2012.Brixton Energy Solar 1 attracted 103 investors whom mostly live in Lambeth with nine from in and around the Loughborough Estate itself and raised £58,000 in less than a month.Read more about the Elmore house project.

Community Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF)

Part of the income generated will be reinvested in the Community Energy Efficiency Fund for energy-saving improvements in the local area, such as:

  • draught busting
  • retrofits
  • home energy audits
  • Training on energy efficiency

Read more about the the Community Energy Efficiency Fund.