Brixton Energy Solar 1

Elmore House, Loughborough Estate

Brixton Energy Solar 1 is the UK’s first inner-city, co-operatively owned renewable energy project on a social housing estate. The project involved the installation of a 37.24kWp solar power station on the roof of Elmore House on Loughborough Estate in Brixton.

The capital cost for the solar photovoltaic (PV) installation was raised through a community share offer. Brixton Energy Solar 1 attracted 103 investors whom mostly live in Lambeth with nine from in and around the Loughborough Estate itself and raised £58,000 in less than a month.


The project provides a threefold benefit

  • Generates renewable energy in Brixton
  • Reduces carbon emissions by an estimated 14 tonnes annually
  • Raises awareness on energy efficiency
  • Addresses fuel poverty
  • Provides investors an annual return of up to 3% on their investment
  • Provides an ethical and green community investment vehicle
  • Provides for an ongoing Community Energy Efficiency Fund to support the delivery of local energy efficiency projects
  • Loughborough Estate Management Board (LEMB) will benefit from cost savings on their energy bills for the communal lifts of Elmore House through the sale of solar energy set at 20% below commercial rates.
  • The cost savings will be passed on to residents of Elmore House through a nominal reduction on their service charge.
  • Provides training and work placement opportunities for local residents. For example an unemployed electrical engineer from the estate worked on the Brixton Energy solar installation through a two week work placement with Southern Solar.
  • Facilitates community cohesion

The installation

Generating clean energy everyday

Since March, Brixton Energy has been generating clean renewable electricity from our solar panels. The solar panel system has  a monitoring website where you can view live generation information.

Registration information

Brixton Energy Solar 1 Co-operative Limited Registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965. Registered Number: 31433.