Solar skills for South London

One of the main aims of Brixton Energy is to develop in the community the skills we will need to make a cleaner, better future. Kevin, a Loughborough Estate resident, got involved in the project and helped Southern Solar when they installed the solar panels on the roof of Elmore House. Here is his story:

Aga, Afsheen and me

It seems the Gods of clean energy were shining on us that week.

Imagine been on the roof of a tall block of flats, the sun shining, with a great view of London, breathtaking is what I call it.

It was a very rewarding experience, working with a great bunch of guys (Big up Matt and the boys from Southern Solar).

Do something you enjoy doing and you won’t have to work a day in your life, says the old Chinese proverb and that’s what it seemed like to me. Although we were actually installing the solar panels for me it was just having fun. The hard graft was inconsequential. It was more like a solar farm, planting solar seeds and watching them come to fruition within a week.

Absolutely amazing!!!

Brixton Energy Solar1 team members visiting, seeing how the installation was progressing.

Residents enquiring, what was going on, on the roof of their block?

Installers and Brixton Energy team members explaining the concept and rewards of solar power.

Damn! It felt good! Was buzzing for a week! No kidding.

With me living on the estate, it couldn’t have been a better job for me! Walking 100 meters to work! Going home for lunch! How’s that for a Job! I even manage to walk over to my place and let some workmen in.(there were no sorry we miss me note that time).

A roof with a view

Then came launching day and the hoopla, I mean media circus and all, newspapers, TV stations, Radio stations, Budding journalists……the interviews the cameras, the spotlight…. Makes me think “We could be on to something here”.

Massive respect  the entire Brixton Energy team, including to Agamemnon & to Kevin who did these ITV interviews!

and to Southern Solar Ltd who provided the panels & design

Biggin’ up Afsheen Rashid too, who did this interview for BBC Radio London.

So with the help of the Brixton Energy Solar1 team and the wider Brixton public we aim to move forward.

When my friends and associates says to me “Yo Kev! we seen you on TV”, I’m like “Yeah, you wanna  be seen, you gotta go green”.

Once again thanks to all the Brixton Energy Solar1 team members, members of the public and wellwishers for making happen.

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