‘Master the art of soldering’ says youth trainee Saffiyah

I’m Safiyyah and I will be writing about one of the workshops we had at Repowering.

The first workshop that we were able to take part in was a Solar panel making workshop at The Remakery; before we got into the practical part of the workshop, we were given a short run through on the basics behind solar energy and how it works. Shortly after our crash course, we were then given, a batch of tabbing wire and solar panels, we then broke into small groups to learn the art behind soldering, as difficult as it sounds, after a few tries, I was able to ‘master the art’ of soldering. After a short lunch break, we then moved onto assembling our panels which we placed on top of a plastic EVA sheet which was then placed within a laptop case, to seal it all together, we used a sheet of clear Perspex.

We were all eager on putting it together so it wasn’t long till we all had our own completed, fully functioning solar panels and portable chargers. I really benefited from the workshop, thanks to the workshop, I was able to leave with a better understanding of solar energy and how to make a functioning solar panel. Overall, the workshop was very eye-opening and it met up to all my expectations.

Before the Internship, I had never considered a career in the environmental and Renewable energy category, but after completing the Internship, I have decided to expand my choices on future aspirations; I have also gained a lot of experience and valuable knowledge.

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