Luciana Berger Shadow Climate Change MP visits Brixton Energy

Fay Gordon, Cllr Imogen Walker, Cllr Lib Peck, Agamemnon Otero & Luciana Berger MP

Making our way through the light snow, a voice commented, “Will those solar panels actually work in this weather?” Climbing the stairs to the roof, the hum of the inverters assured us that, yes, come rain or shine, our solar panels continue to pump crystal clean renewable energy into the Loughborough Estate, generating money for the estate residents and cooperative investors.

Looking out over hundreds of solar panels on the roof of the building, Luciana Berger, Shadow climate change MP, remarked,

“It’s very interesting to see an innovative cooperative like Repowering South London delivering real change to communities.”

Inca Williams who enrolled in Repowering South London’s work experience programme spoke to Luciana – “Having completed the work experience, I now really want to tell others about the benefits of solar energy, and how and why harnessing natural energy sources such as sunlight to generate electricity is such a great way of reducing our carbon emissions and living more sustainably.”

Inca Williams paid work experience graduate on Brixton Energy Solar 2

Fay Gordon, Loughborough Estate resident and investor added, “This just makes sense. I learned about solar panels and wind turbines twenty years ago so I’ve always had an awareness for clean energy and the benefits it can bring. So it’s fantastic to see it happening on my doorstep, and to be able to be a part of it.”

In the biting cold, fuel poverty initiatives within the Community Energy Efficiency Fund are enabling residents to live more comfortably in warmer homes, save money and improve their wellbeing. This has impressed long time supporters Council Leader Lib Peck and Imogen Walker Lambeth, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability. With their continued belief in RSL, together with active volunteers and interested local community members, RSL hopes to establish more clean energy projects.

So stay tuned for news about our next solar energy project, work experience opportunities, and solar panel making workshops. They’re open to all.

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