Help us identify projects that can benefit from Brixton Energy funding

Dear Member, 

We hope this email finds you safe and well. 

Every year a percentage of the coops profits, plus interest payments that are donated by members, are put into the Community Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) which has also been boosted by left over funding we received to support the establishment of the BES 1 coop. Since the start of the year the directors have been working on a process to distribute this fund, and as both BES 1 and 2 have their panels installed on the Loughborough Estate we have been coordinating our efforts.  As agreed by the 2018 AGM (held in July 2019) we are structuring the funding into two pots (see below). 

We started publicising this funding to local groups several weeks ago and we are pleased to say that between BES 1 and BES 2 we will shortly be providing £500 of funding to both Brixton Soup Kitchen and the Loughborough Community Centre Happy Lunch and Play project. Both groups are responding on the ground to the extremely difficult situation that many local residents are facing during lockdown, by distributing food and play activities to Loughborough residents.  

You can see a short video about the work of Brixton Soup Kitchen here.

You can see a short video about the Happy Lunch and Play project here.

Now we want your help in identifying more potential projects/groups that we can encourage to apply (in particular for the Pot 1 funding) – there are some details below and a form is available to download. The expression of interest form is very short – for Pot 1 will be shortlisting promising projects and then following up to request further information before allocating any funding. We would welcome any BES 1 or 2 member who would like to sit on the Pot 1 funding panel – just drop us an email or call/text Jesse on 07904456707.

Funding Pots

Pot 1 –  funding for projects and groups that engage residents of the Loughborough Estate and the immediate area in the subjects of;  climate change, energy efficiency, sustainability or fuel poverty

Requests can be for between £100 and £3,000, which can go towards a one off event or an ongoing project over 2 or 3 years.   Funding can support core costs, project costs or capital costs. Funding can be for new or existing projects.  For exceptional projects we may consider awarding funding of up to £5,000. Expressions of Interest must be submitted by May 31st 2020.   

Pot 2 –  funding for projects and groups that are not related to climate change, fuel poverty or energy efficiency but would benefit residents of the Loughborough Estate and the immediate area.  Any community group or project is welcome to apply.

We have small grants of £50 to £500 available each year.  Expressions of Interest may be made at any time over the next 6 months and we are particularly keen here from organisations responding to the Covid-19 crisis. For organisations in exceptional need we will may consider larger grants or multiple rounds of grants over the next 6 months.  

Please note that we will be holding our AGM online on the 6th of July in the evening. More information to follow. 

BES 1 Directors – Agamemnon, Andre, Jesse, Will

BES 2 Directors – Agamemnon, Becky, Taylor

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