Hear from our Brixton Energy intern Troy

Good day,
I’m Troy and have lived in Lambeth since birth. I currently work as a youth support worker/ outreach youth worker. After hearing about this amazing energy internship it was only right to commit and find out more! The course began in April and has brought a range of new skills I can use to apply to my daily activities.
On Tuesday 23rd May 2017 some interns embarked on a survey campaign. The purpose of this was to gather data about food wastage. There was no other better place to look than the heart of Lambeth – Brixton village. We were welcomed by many traders, with a brief interruption from the market security. After the short disruption we were free to explore the market.
We spoke with most of the traders who currently have wasted food on a daily basis. We gathered in depth data and aim to use this to create a bigger picture to see how we can change they way food is being wasted, we intend to change the food wastage in to ENERGY using an anaerobic digestion system.
If you’re interested or believe you can add to this amazing idea don’t hesitate to contact us!

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