Electricity generation tweets from Brixton Energy Solar 1

If you’re a Twitter user you can now keep tabs on how much electricity our first project Brixton Energy Solar 1 (on Elmore House in Loughborough Junction) is generating. We have setup a new automated twitter account @BES_Generation that tweets when electricity generation for the day exceeds 20, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250kWh.

In winter you should get one or two tweets a day, increasing to up to four or five tweets as the sun comes out. Last year we had one day where generation exceed to 250kWh and hopefully we will have more similar days this year.


If you want more information you can also go to our solar log monitoring page which has detailed statistics for the last year.

Solar log montoring software
Solar log monitoring software

We hope to roll out similar services for our future projects so that investors and other interested parties can see how well solar power is working in Brixton. For regular news and updates you can follow our main Twitter account @brixtonenergy

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