Share Offer Launch

After days, weeks, months…. & many long nights, the Share Offer is done!

And its all thanks to our amazing volunteers!!!!

While some of our volunteers are high flying business executives, the majority are either average people struggling or even unemployed. Regardless of their current welfare, all have brought and continue to bring many gifts! We have a diverse range of expertise beyond the normal wash, clean, cook, garden and feed, we have; energy efficiency, renewable energy, research, legal, project management, journalism, engineering, web development, communications, grant writing, finance and business development. But most importantly, we can boast enthusiasm, and the courage to attempt courteous group dialogue around really hard issues of social welfare.

Brixton Energy Solar 1 is a true community project infused with co-operation, hard work and a year of dedication. Help us make BrixtonEnergy a shining example of inner city community resilience for the next 25 years.

“How do I do it?” you ask us? Please read through our Share Offer and invest £250- £20,000. If £250 is out of your range why not get a bunch of friends together and chip in. Just designate one of yourselves to be the share holding member. And conversely if 20,000 is no skin off your back please consider allocate your annual share payment fully to our Community Energy Efficiency fund.

Kind Regards

Team BrixtonEnergy Solar 1
Power to the people by the people

2 thoughts on “Share Offer Launch

    1. Thanks Ray for your interest. Yes, we have a workshop on community renewable energy this Saturday.
      Here you have all the information:

      Repowering South London invites you to the community energy workshop to:

      Find out Brixton Energy’s experience in setting up Brixton Energy Solar 1 & 2
      Discuss the support you need to set up your own local co-op
      Map local skills and resources
      Identify what Repowering South London can offer you

      Loughborough Centre, 105 Angell Road, SW9 7PD

      Saturday 22 September, 2 to 5pm

      Community groups, RSL’s, TMO’s, Transition Towns, private landlords, people looking to start a community owned renewable energy co-operative are all welcome.

      For more information or to confirm your attendance please contact

      Agamemnon Otero on 07960 829826

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