Brixton Energy Solar 1 Energy Generated vs Predicted Energy Generation

We are now raising money for our second cooperative so it is the ideal time to look back and analyse the current performance of Brixton Energy Solar 1 (BES1). The graph below shows the estimated energy generation (for the period the project has been active) versus the actual energy generation (which can be viewed live online).

Energy Generated vs Predicted
Energy generated vs Predicted

Since the panels were connected to the grid on 23rd April until the 12th September, BES1 has generated 19,414 kWh (enough to boil 129,427 kettles or power 5.6 UK homes for a year). On average BES1 has exceeded its energy generation by 28% this Summer. It hasn’t even been that sunny has it!?

This year we have already achieved 70% of the estimated annual energy generation without even having generated anything during the first 3 months of the year!

Our conservative estimates put us in a great position to be confident that BES2 will be just as successful as BES1.

2 thoughts on “Brixton Energy Solar 1 Energy Generated vs Predicted Energy Generation

  1. Great data. September was unusually sunny, as the data shows … but even June & July, which were more overcast than usual, generated significantly more than predicted.

    I notice that BES2 is calculated on the basis of 660 hours of production over the year, which would be about right for east- or west-facing roofs but if they’re south-facing, 800 hours would be more what I would expect.

    Well done and all the best for raising the remaining 66% of your target.

    1. Hi Andy,
      BES2 is shadowed by a taller residential building to its west and in the winter when the sun is lower the shadowing of the panels can start mid-afternoon. Therefore we had to be careful with our projections, but we still think we can beat the estimates!

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