Brixton Energy Solar 1: building a sustainable future

As we get ever closer to the launch of our Share Offer, the excitement and sense of achievement increases.

And it is an achievement!

Yes we had between us a huge amount of knowledge and expertise, but over the last few months we have had to talk with a huge number of different people and come to grips with a whole lot of other areas such as co-operative bank accounts, VAT, the planning process, the uncertainty around FITs for community energy projects, leases, contracts and excursions into the PR world. One member noted when she joined the group about 6 weeks after being made redundant she was very pleased with the affirming group she had become apart of. “Everyone is so positive and each new unforeseen difficulty or new situation has been greeted by a ‘can do’ attitude from at least one member of the group offering information or ideas as to where we can seek advice.”

We meet once a week (in a variety of Brixton pubs) and the meetings are always lively and productive. The majority of us are there because of a combination of wanting to find solutions to producing energy post oil and fossil fuels running out and also and, perhaps more importantly, wanting to take control of how we produce some of our energy away from the big energy companies and back into the hands of the community.

Becky Payne Brixton Energy Solar 1 official Secretary noted, “This has been a great learning experience in all manner of ways and from here we can move on to install yet more panels on Brixton roofs. I for one will be making an investment and hopefully, not just in Brixton Energy Solar 1, but in Brixton Energy Solar 2, 3 & 4!”

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