BES1 energy generation vs projection for 2013

image (1)

In 2013, Brixton Energy Solar 1 was projected to generate a total of 26,913kWh. In total it generated 32,586kWh (enough to power 10 average UK homes) which represents a yield (system efficiency) of 875kWh/kWp maintaining the same performance as its 1st year of operation. Our original solar generation model which was taken from PVGIS and underestimates the warmer months and overestimates the colder months. This learning will be used to project solar generation in future Brixton Energy and Repowering projects and feedback has also been given to the PVGIS community to improve their modelling tool. 

The export meter was installed in August 2013 and by the end of 2013, 7100kWh were exported to the grid, bringing additional £322 income. The export income estimated for 2014 is £1450 which will be a significant boost to BES1 income streams.

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