A New Phase – Brixton Energy Projects in 2016

Since our most recent completed projects – Brixton Energy Solar 1, Solar 2 and Solar 3 – we’ve focused our attention more inward, strengthening the existing energy co-operatives that we established. Now, with these successful projects under our belt, we are excited to explore new opportunities to develop community energy in Brixton.

Our partner, Repowering London, has been awarded a grant of £125,000 from community business fund ‘Power to Change’, which will support the expansion of community energy in Brixton. Working with Repowering we aim to create social and environmental benefits, as well as an additional source of revenue for the community.

We have identified at least eight future project sites, with a total solar energy generating – capacity of 465kWp, saving roughly 170 tonnes of emitted CO2.

But, apart from solar PV, we are also keen to explore other technologies, such as battery storage, LED street lighting, supply of locally generated electricity, combined heat and power, and anaerobic digestion (AD).

To kick-off, we held an open meeting on Monday 3rd October, 2016, at the Impact Hub in Brixton. Fourteen people attended – from engineers, artists, students, volunteers – eager to learn how they could get involved, and excited to explore these options. Anaerobic digestion (AD) technology was most popular, and we were curious to see how we might work to collect food waste around Brixton Market, and convert it into valuable biogas to generate heat and electricity and fertilizer to be reused by homes and businesses in the local area.

The next event will be on Monday 17th October, where we will discuss the potential for AD technology in Brixton in more detail.

Do come along – all input is welcomed! Help us to develop our future community energy projects in Brixton!

For  more information please get in touch on info@repowering.org.uk.

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