Our trainee Yosof reports on our trip to Brixton Pound

I’m Yosof and I will be writing about one of the trips we had at Repowering.

“Where does our money go?” Is a question that the Brixton pound founders asked themselves.
They wanted to make an impact on our local community and make it a better place.

Instead of spending your money in these big corporate companies like Starbucks, where as soon as the money enters their doors you never hear about it again, they wanted to make an benefit the local businesses where they can see the impact the money makes.
They have decided to change this; and they went one step further to create the “Brixton pound” which is a currency made exclusively for use in Brixton’s local businesses. This money is worth the same as Sterling pound so £10 is equal to 10 Brixton pounds.

I thought that this concept was really interesting and was a big step for them to rebel against the normal established currency and create a local currency which can only be spent on local businesses; but it’s an example of the kind of social action we need to do to make this place a better place.

Thanks to this internship I was offered an opportunity with a Social enterprise called Business launchpad where they help young people make social change and start businesses to make the same social action as Brixton pound.

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