Becoming a Shareholder – tales from our investors.

As the Brixton Energy Solar 1 Share Offer opened last week, people in the community began stepping forward to purchase shares. This week we embarked on sharing their personal stories with you. The first investing experience was from  south London resident Susan Sheehan.

“There has been a real buzz around the office this week about the Brixton Energy share issue. Personally handing over the money and the form for my shares was strangely emotional. I have never owned shares before and it is not something I would have ever considered.

The real bonus though is that this feels completely right. I have been pondering solar panels on my own house for several years and I simply don’t have the right roof. It would also cost me a lot more money than I have put into Brixton Energy – the minimum investment is just £250. I would have to spend 40 times that to get any meaningful amount of solar panels on my house.

I have also raised money in my community to put solar panels on the school roof – and although I have an enormous sense of pride about that I don’t actually have much of a connection with them any more – they just sit there. I don’t know how they are performing, how much carbon they are offsetting… nothing. They just look nice.

I feel excited that this is just the beginning – setting up this project has been extremely complex – the real value comes from getting this one done and being able to move quickly on to the next.. Perhaps more solar panels for my local school’s roof.”  warm regards, Sue

If you have invested  and would like to share your story we at Brixton Energy  would enjoy hearing about it.

Sincerely, Team Brixton Energy 

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