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Brixton Energy Solar 2 Annual General Meeting

Last Monday the first Annual General Meeting of Brixton Energy Solar 2 took place at the Loughborough Centre, Brixton. Thanks to everybody who attended. For those of you who couldn’t make it we recorded Agamemnon Otero giving the director’s report.

We have also made the minutes available online and the accounts available online for anyone who is interested.

It has been a big year for Brixton Energy and we want to thank all of our investors for being part of this groundbreaking project. We look forward to building on the success of Brixton Energy Solar 2 in the next year through the social returns provided via the Community Energy Efficiency Fund and through new projects such as Brixton Energy Solar 3 which is open for investment.

Videos from the Brixton Energy 3 Launch Party

Last Tuesday we had a party to celebrate the launch of Brixton Energy Solar 3.

Afsheen Rashid, Community Energy Project Officer, Lambeth Council welcome the enthusiastic crowd and Agamemnon Otero, Co-founder & Director of Repowering talked about Repowering’s vision and future plans.

Brigid Clarke, Jason Neylon, Andre Pinho, the Directors of Brixton Energy Solar 3, shared their experience of becoming Directors, talk about resident engagement, better financial investment and the special share offer for residents.

Mary Simpson, Chair of Roupell Park Resident Management Committee spoked on behalf of the residents. The highlight of the night was listening to the experiences of the young people of Roupell Park Estate – Isha, Kamel and Nadeane who have been interns on the project.

Best of all Nadeane and Isha made a delicious solar panel cake especially for the night!

Isha & Nadeane with their solar panel cake

There are still shares available if you wish to invest in the project.

Brixton Energy Solar 3 Launch Party

We are celebrating the future of community owned renewable energy in Brixton!

  • Enjoy locally sourced food & refreshments
  • Hear from young interns helping with the installation
  • Learn how to make a solar panel
  • Eco-games

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Brixton Energy Solar 3 is a Co-operative set up to invest in renewable energy generation in Brixton, raise money to tackle fuel poverty, and help create training and work experience opportunities for young people on the Roupell Park Estate. The event will take place at the Electric Social, 40 Acre Lane, London, Brixton SW2 5SP on Tuesday 9th July 7pm – 10pm.

Shares are still open and if you are interested in investing in this exciting project you can find out more here.